We offer a step-by-step workshop where we teach how to make a bouquet from products in your fridge or from a store nearby. The following topics are covered:

  • Basics of bouquet construction

  • Techniques for fixing fruits and vegetables

  • Techniques of combining colours

  • Bouquet wrapping

  • Extending bouquet freshness



In the advanced workshop, we cover the following topics:


  • how to properly open a pomegranate 

  • how to attach grapes and soft fruits

  • how to fix macaroons and berries

  • basic food carving techniques


After mastering your bouquet building skills, you can always surprise your family and friends with an unusual and edible bouquet.


Food Carving


Carving is an art of artistic cutting of vegetables and fruits. Just imagine when your guests come for dinner and you serve a meal decorated with roses and flowers made out of fruits and vegetables. We teach how to make roses from tomatoes, carrots, and radishes; as well as pinecones from carrots and leaves from a cucumber. Your guests and family will be delighted. If you want to add more colours to the usual table layout, then food carving master class is for you.



In addition to our regular fundamentals and advanced workshops, we also organize seasonal workshops for Easter, Mother's Day, Rosh Hashanah and Christmas. Both adults and children are welcome to attend.