Rule Breaker: Fruit. Veggie. Floral Artist.

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

“Take a look at this broccoli which has so much texture and colour. It is as beautiful as a rose. And the artichoke over there can easily compete with peonies.”

When one goes grocery shopping, it is unlikely that he or she will get an idea to buy a bouquet made of apples and celery. People are more accustomed to gifting each other bouquets and decorating events with flowers. I believe that fruits and veggies are equally unique and not less beautiful creations of Mother Nature. In addition to its beauty and texture, they are nutritious and full of vitamins. In my creations, I highlight the elegance of fruits and veggies mixed together.

These days it is hard to impress or surprise resident of a megalopolis or, generally, any modern person. This is especially difficult when he or she lived in abundance and traveled extensively. My bouquets evoke new emotions which we occasionally lack. I observe that people ask for more unique, personalized, unusual, more sustainable and greener options.

My passion started four years ago when I received a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition. Being a wellness coach and a nutritionist, I wanted to create something beneficial and, at the same time, beautiful for humans. This was the birth of my first Smoothie Bouquet. It consisted of bananas, kale, celery, lemons, and apples. I created a recipe which explained the nutrition value of each ingredient. At that time I planned to develop a product line of only healthy Smoothie Bouquets. Hence, the name of Wellness Bouquets. For many people, there is a prejudice that wellness is just about healing. I believe that wellness is about well-being, a state of being healthy in your body and mind. This is the philosophy of my life and my company.

Now, in addition to bouquets, we offer centerpieces, events décor, and DIY master classes. Our centerpieces are different from traditional flower centerpiece as they are more textured and sophisticated. They create esthetic pleasure and generate new feelings. While our centrepieces are not edible arrangements, you are welcome to pick a grape if you are hungry. 

When creating bouquets, I rely on the color palette of fruits and veggies. I try to choose a Canadian grower, farmer or a manufacturer, and often pay attention to seasonality. I believe that in the very near future, we will expand to work directly with local farmers. Supporting local businesses is also one of our pillars on the path to a more sustainable future. We never spray our creations with chemicals and use eco-friendly products. 

Our line of products is expanding as we try to bring more joy and excitement to life. We can surprise you with a seasonal Smoothie Bouquets, Vegetable Stew Bouquet, Soup Bouquets with mushrooms and onions, Red Tango with red apples, beets and red roses, 3D art with fruits, veggies and flowers, and much more.

Want to see our work behind the scene?  Check out @WellnessBouquets on Instagram.  

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